The Father's heart


Medium: Giclee Print

Each print will be individually hand signed by Kathryn.
Note: all stated sizes include border, with signature.

Story behind the painting

"This painting was started in 2005 and took two years to paint, finishing in 2007. It now hangs in Bath City Church, England.
The painting was taken from an image God showed me when I was in Toronto on the school of Ministry at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 2003.
At a time when I was struggling to accept that God loved me for who I was and that he noticed me among the crowd, God used this powerful picture to speak his truth to me.
We live in an extremely busy world where we have little time to value people. In this world many view God as the same, someone who has little time and value for his children, or they doubt there is a God at all. Seeing God in this light I had an image of having to queue up in an endless line of people in order to have my five minutes with Him. I believed that in this crowd of people God wouldn't even notice if I left.
It was with this mindset that God showed me what He really thought of me. I saw His heart and it was covered with millions of holes. Some shone with a dazzling light, while others were just empty black holes. God said that everyone had a place in His heart and we all had our own room. No one else could fill that hole, that room, except the person whose room it was. His words were, "I would notice if you went away, and if you never returned, because no one else would fill your space. There would be an empty black hole, that would remain empty, unless you filled it. My heart will be broken for eternity because not everyone will come back to me. Not all the spaces will be filled, and I will notice every empty hole".